Gabriel's Blog

Emacs Induction

September 1, 2021
Recently, I decided to pick up Emacs. sidenote: this is my first post using orgmode. so apologies for any weirdness. I've always been fascinated with the culture around text editors. Each one is formed of its own clique of dedicated users, with either a flourishing ecosystem or floundering community (see: Atom). You have the vim users, swearing by the keyboard shortcuts, the VSCode users, pledging allegiance to the flag Microsoft and Node, the Sublime fanatics, with their focused and fast editor, and the emacs nerds, living and breathing (lisp).

On Keyboards

August 19, 2021
My current keyboard is a GMMK Pro But before diving in that keyboard, let’s get into my history with keyboards. My first “proper” mechanical keyboard was a Corsair K70 with Speed Silver switches - a now massive 100% keyboard that was quite pretty. While I liked the speed silver switches for typing, gaming was another question. I tended to rest my hands quite heavily on the keyboard, and would accidentally actuate keys from time to time.


July 10, 2021
Another case of “just do it yourself” The want for quickly sharing files across devices and having an easy interface for uploading and downloading them is a relatively common want among people, both for those in the technology sphere or otherwise. Most may opt for services like Dropbox or Google Drive, which offer good clients for desktop and mobile, but I wanted to take it a step further and self host a solution.

Hello, world! (Again)

July 6, 2021
Welcome back to the blog! Sort of. After much thought, I’ve decided to move my blog off of Medium and back to a place I can fully control. It wasn’t really a difficult decision; Medium as a platform has changed a fair amount since I began using it, just as I have. Rather than nuking the entirety of my previous posts, I exported and cleaned them up for archival (although I did seriously consider just starting fresh).

Watching a Cryptocurrency Grow

January 22, 2018
GRLC is the only coin you’ll ever need Last weekend, a new cryptocurrency launched: Garlicoin, a fork of Litecoin based around garlic bread. It may seem silly at first, but keep in mind that sometimes “silly” coins can have a huge impact, like the time Dogecoin sponsored a NASCAR racer. Regardless of what you may believe, it’s always worth keeping an eye on meme coins (not memecoin, which is an actual coin).