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Infrastructure at Furality

August 17, 2022
You can find the slide deck here Back in November of 2021, Furality Legends convention took place, and I attended along with my SO Becki. It was an interesting experience, and I bought a VR headset (an Oculus Quest 2) about halfway through to properly immerse myself. During the tech enthousiast meetup, a volunteer of the convention popped in, and while speaking to another attendee mentioned they were open to new volunteers.

Current Infrastructure (2022)

July 11, 2022
Keep it interesting My personal infrastructure has evolved quite significantly over the years, from a single Raspberry Pi 1, to a Raspberry Pi 2 and ThinkCenter mini PC, to my current setup consisting of two Raspberry Pis, a few cloud servers, and a NAS that is currently being put together. At the heart of my infrastructure is my tailnet. All machines, server, desktop, mobile, whatever, get added to the network, mostly for ease of access.

Creating an Artist's Website

May 14, 2022
So my girlfriend is doing comissions… If you're coming to this post expecting some magical journey into the design and implementation of some fancy abstract website, I'm sorry to disappoint - this will instead be a relatively technical post about building out a very simple web frontend for both displaying comission information, building out an API (or more specifically, a headless content management system) for managing a few specific bits of content on said site (including images and text.

Chromium Foundation

December 3, 2021
We need to divorce Chromium from Google The world of browsers is pretty bleak. We essentially have one viable player, Chromium, flanked by the smaller players of Firefox, spiraling in a slow painful self destruction, and Safari, a browser well optimized for Apple products. note: We're specifically discussing browsers, but you can roughly equate the arguments I make later with the browser's respective engines. The current state of browsers is a difficult one.

A Reflection on Operating Systems

November 13, 2021
macOS. Windows. Linux. It's all bad. Clickybaity line aside, it's worth digging into the "Big Three" when it comes to operating systems. Over the years I've used them in various forms and versions, on personal desktops, production servers, work laptops, and so on. I've seen both the good and the bad for most of the operating system choices discussed, but I will in no way claim to be an expert.