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Samsung Could Take Over The Digital Assistant Market

August 6, 2017
Bixby on phones is just the beginning. The world was shaken when Samsung decided to roll out their own digital assistant on their flagship Galaxy S8 phones. As in, it was shaken by the collective groan that the tech community let loose upon learning that it would even have it’s own, dedicated button. But there’s something else I believe it lurking beneath the surface. Samsung is an enormous company, making everything from phones to vacuum cleaners to dishwashers.

LTX 2017

July 30, 2017
The first Linus Tech Tips tech conival Anticipation was high as we approached the Langley Convention Center by bus, as my girlfriend and I eagerly awaited meeting one of our role models Linus Sebastian, and the crew of personalities that helped script, film, edit and perfect the seven videos a week Linus Media Group create, not including their secondary channels. We were off to a good start – all of our transit was on time, we spotted one of their newer hires on the bus there, and everyone was very friendly (I made the mistake of thinking that the event started at 10AM, it actually began at 11).

Why New Social Media Fails

June 16, 2017
(for now) We all know and love social media. In this day and age, it’s almost impossible to avoid it. As social creatures we crave the satisfaction of being connected to so many people at once. But we also hate the platforms that are available – Facebook is data hungry, Twitter has some bizarre developer policies and is rife with bots, reddit is a hive mind… the list goes on. So why can’t we just make a new social platform that solves all these issues?

Let's clear up some things about GGServer

March 15, 2017
We get a lot of hate directed to us because we aren’t as transparent. Let’s fix that. I’ve been a developer at GGServers for about a year now. In that time I’ve gotten a good sense of how things work behind the scenes at the budget Minecraft server host. I’ve (this is going to sound canned but it’s genuine) dedicated myself to improving the state of the technology running everything. I’ve had to put up with hate and abuse from unhappy customers, some justified others not so much.

Python / Flask Logins

February 22, 2017
This was fun! *twitch* Bloody hell, where do I start…So I recently got back from a two week vacation down to LA (Disneyland) and then further south to Mexico. During those two weeks I did little to no coding, which greatly relaxed me and allowed me to think about what my goals with my many projects were. And then I got home. And decided that the best thing to do (besides getting a violent cold) was to start work on a login system for Platypus.